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Handcrafted Thrones is America's #1 supplier of thrones for party planners, events, families, and more. Browse through our catalog of beautiful, high quality thrones to know why our custumors keep coming back to us.

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A Modern Take On A Timeless Craft.

Sea king shellback throne

The Single

Our best seller, the single throne. Any modern day ruler must present themselves in the best way possible, including the throne they sit on at the head of the table supplied by handcrafted thrones.

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Purple Kingdom Lion Head Throne

The Lion Head

The lion is the king of the jungle without announcement. When you sit in a lion head throne, everyone simply knows, you're the don.

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Dynamite Double Throne

The Double

A pair is better than one. There isn't a more fitting throne for a king and queen to share than a handcrafted double.

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Multicolor Kids Throne

The Kids

Princes and Princesses hold very important roles in the kingdom too. A proper show of their status is with the handcrafted kids thrones.

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Our Guarantees To You

Highest Possbile Quality Woods

Every throne that leaves our warehouse is guaranteed to be crafted of only the highest quality lumber and assembled to top shape firmness.

Highest Possible Quality Bulstering

We also guarantee that every throne from our company comes with the absolute best leather or suede bulstering of the fabric and buttons so that our thrones last a lifetime without any tears or leakage.

Safest and fastest possible method of shipping

When we package our thrones for shipping, we wrap and prepare them using extensive amounts of foam, paper, and rubbers so that you safely recieve your throne as soon as possible from our personal company shipping trucks.

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